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Make your stay in Stavanger unforgettable with our new and fun, green electric cars. We have cars available in Stavanger, Rennesøy, Jørpeland and Sola to ensure the best starting point for your trip. With Stavanger as your point of departure, the national monument Swords in rock (Sverd i fjell) is an essential stop. This was where Harold Fairhair gathered all of Norway under one crown in year 872. In addition, 40 minutes eTour from Stavanger city (cruise ship port) through the world's longest subsea tunnel you can start your hiking to the spectacular Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Use your day at the most popular natural attraction in Norway. And continue the eTours through the wildest and most beautiful landscape along Lyngsvatn to Songesand at sea level in Lysefjord. End the eTours with a Lysefjord cruise, and past the Prekestolen on sea level on the ferry from Songesand, to Forsand/ Oanes. The Ryfylke islands Finnøy, Talje and Rennesøy are all connected by tunnels, making travelling between them easy. Apart from the main island, Finnøy includes as many as 16 smaller isles, all of them connected by either brigde, tunnel or ferries. Three of Rogaland’s ten medieval churches are found on these islands, with Talgje church from 1140, Hestby church from 1200 and Sørbø church from 1130. The famous Utstein Monastery at Rennesøy, is Norway’s best-preserved monastery. Rennesøy consists of eight islands, referred to as “the green isles” due to their botanical diversity. Should you wish to start the tour from Rennesøy, you will be picked up and returned to Stavanger by boat. This trip amongst the "green islands" is an experience in its own right. 

This is the fun way of sightseeing, laughing all the way.

from NOK 650

Opening May 28

2 or 3 days eTour with Lysefjord Cruise

Join the spectacular eTour to Preikestolen, Lyngvatn and Songesand with Lysefjord Cruise to Oanes.

from NOK 650

Opening June 1

Norwegian Scenic Route

Norwegian Scenic Routes Ryfylke offer exceptional scenic experiences, passing through some of the country's most magnificent landscapes. Along the way are viewpoints and picnic areas, designed to enhance the pleasure of travelers and to fIt in with the surrounding scenery.

from NOK 450

Available for booking

Stavanger City Booking

Start your own adventure with us, easily from our central locations right in the middle of Stavanger City.

from NOK 450

Available for booking

Daytrip from your hotel

We have partnered with several Hotels in Stavanger to make day-trips available right from your hotel.

eTours focuses on the environment and your safety

Våre priser er -, inkludert ansvarsforsikring, fører- og passasjerforsikring, kaskoforsikring og miljøforsikring.


TWIZY has an airbag in the driver's seat for maximum safety.


GPS guide mounted in the car. Simple and functional.


Battery with 90 km range (in accordance with the NEDC standard) for city driving. Charges at all charging stations. Adapter included. Double reminder of remaining range (when 12% remains, then last km).


Renault TWIZY has an integrated charging cable in the front, with a standard grounded socket (3 m). The battery was charged in approx. 3.5 hours. This makes it easy, convenient and easy!


Four-point belt is installed at the front with a retraction mechanism. Sliding protection in the front seat. Driver's seat with integrated and adjustable neck protection. Front window display.

Fiat e500

Now you can also rent a four-seater Fiat e500 convertible with a range of 320 km (WLTP).

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«eTours ga meg et nytt syn på vårt vakre Ryfylke.»
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«I stedet for å sitte på hotell etter møtet fikk jeg utforsket Stavanger. Et meget bra tilbud, som gjør at du er fleksible til samme pris som tur/retur med taxi.»
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«Vakker natur ses best på egen hånd. eTours er mitt førstevalg.»
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Personal guide

Do you and your group want a different experience? Book a VIP tour with us and we arrange a fun eTours experience with a personal guide.

eTours rebus race

Get a first class nature experience. Together with our partners, your next event or conference can be your next adventure.

Car sharing in Stavanger

Are you looking for environmentally-friendly car sharing / company car? We offer car sharing agreements to office communities, commercial gardens etc. with the rental of the urban electric car Twizy.

Hotel car / city car

We offer your guests a favorable rental car deal. Please contact us so that together we can find the best solution for your needs.