Norwegian Scenic Route

Norwegian Scenic Route offer exceptional scenic experiences, passing through some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes. Along the way are viewpoint and picnic areas, designed to enhance the pleasure of travelers and fit in with the surrounding scenery.

Your time, your adventure!

Stop and do the hiking along the route, visit the viewpoint and fil your heart beat in the beautiful and spectacular scenery between the fjord and the mountains.

Book your next adventure, and stay at hotel along the route. You decide and plan the number of days you need on your next adventure. Tours Ryfylke recommend, for maximum benefit 6 days withe tours and hiking, but you will also have a fantastic eTour on 4 days.

Choose between our new Fiat 500e Cabriolet with the range of 320 km or our funny green Twizy. Remember that Twizy is for for two people, with no room for luggage.

This is the time for adventure, your adventure to explore the beautiful and spectacular nature. Good shoes and clothes for hiking, are all you need. Should you miss something, you can purchased along the route.

This is the fun way of sightseeing, laughing all the way.

Distance from:

  • Stavanger – Preikestolen 45,1 km*
  • Prekestolen – Årdal 39,9 km*
  • Årdal – Hjelmeland 20,8 km (30 min power charging due to distance to Sand)*
  • Hjelmeland – Nesvik, with Fjord ferry
  • Nesvik – Erfjord 23,5 km
  • Erfjord – Sand i Suldal 20,0 km*
  • Sand – Nesflaten 46,7 km*
  • Nesflaten – Røldal 27,0 km*
  • Røldal – Sauda 46,6 km*
  • Sauda – Sand i Suldal 56,8 km*
  • Sauda – Erfjord 50,6 km*
  • Erfjord – Nesvik 23,5 km
  • Nesvik – Hjelmeland, with Fjord ferry*
  • Hjelmeland – Årdal 20,8 km*
  • Årdal – Tau 28,5 km*
  • Tau – Stavanger 26,4 km

*There are many others accommodations (AirBnB, Camp, etc.), but we think about your safety and that you have enough electricity capacity to reach your destination (do the power charged overnight). We recommend you to duo the hiking, where you can do the power charging. The battery range is 90 km (according to with the NEDC standard), but withe you are driving on up and down hills roads where the range will be 60 km. Plan your eTour and do the power charge when you do the hikking and explore the beautiful nature.

Tips for accommodations:

Clarion Hotel Energy 

Prekestolen, Jørpeland

Høiland Gård

Ryfylke Fjordhotel 


Hordatun Hotel

Kløver Hotel
Sauda Fjordhotell