2 or 3 days eTours with Lysefjord Cruise

Start your 2 days eTours adventure to the Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), the most popular natural attraction in Norway, and continue the eTour through the wildest and most beautiful landscape along Lyngsvatn to Songesand at sea level in Lysefjord.
The Lysefjord cruise start from the Songesand, to Forsand Oanes for eTour retur to Stavanger. This eTour will take you through the world’s longest subsea tunnel, up to mountains over 1000 meters above sea level. You will visit the Preikestolen viewpoint, and then past the Preikestolen on the Lysefjord Cruise to Ones.

The ferry on Lysefjord has capacity for both cars and busses. The capacity is limited, we recommend to prebook your tickets. For rebooking use link.

Dep. Sondesand 13:30 and 19:10 (price category is Motorcycle). Be safe and prepared for your adventure in the Norwegian mountains. Check the weather forecast, bring the right equipment and may be a local guide will make your hike to Preikestolen unforgettable.

Book your next adventure, and stay at hotel along the route. You decide and plan the number of days you need on your next adventure. 
Choose between our new Fiat 500e Cabriolet with the range of 320 km or our funny green Twizy.  Remember that Twizy is for for two people, with no room for luggage.
This is the time for adventure, your adventure to explore the beautiful and spectacular nature. Good shoes and clothes for hiking are all you need. Should you miss something, you can purchased along the route.
This is the fun way of sightseeing, laughing all the way.
Distance from:
  • Stavanger – Preikestolen 45,1 km*
  • Preikestolen – Tau 19,5 km*
  • Tau – Songesand 46,0 km*
  • Songesand – Oanes, with ferry Lysefjord Cruise
  • Oanes – Jørpeland 16,5 km
  • Jørpeland – Stavanger 30,3 km
*There are many others accommodations (AirBnB, Camp, etc.), but we think about your safety and that you have enough electricity capacity to reach your destination (do the power charged when hiking and overnight). The battery range is 90 km (according to with the NEDC standard), but withe you are driving on up and down hills roads where the range will be 60 km. Plan your eTour and do the power charge when you do the hiking and explore the beautiful nature.

Tips for accommodations:

Prekestolen, Jørpeland
** If you not stay over the night at Songesand Camp, there will be a small fee for power charging
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